While accountants are typically thought to be boring number-crunchers who sit all day mulling over facts and figures, the members of the accounting department are a trio of accounting professionals whose efforts keep the organization financially sound.

The department provides a complete range of accounting support. The members are involved in everything from day to day processing to higher level functions such as providing technical expertise and planning. Some of the more routine operations they perform include invoicing, depositing revenues, paying suppliers and processing payroll. Beyond executing transactions, they create and maintain the financial record-keeping system that the organization relies on for essential information. They also function to protect the organization’s assets by employing and reviewing control procedures.

The accounting department is responsible for a wide variety of reporting. They issue financial reports within the organization that provide the corporate management with information critical to running the organization. They must also satisfy many of the reporting requirements imposed by governmental entities such as the Income Tax Authority, Joint Stock Company, Customs & VAT and the Security & Exchange Commission.